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The Gemstone Collection includes one of each gemstone roller type, 4 total rollers. Each roller addresses a specific skin condition: Rose Quartz for Sensitive Skin, Amethyst for Acne, Yellow Aventurine for firming, + Tiger's eye for hormonal breakouts.


Jade Rollers

Experience ancient China’s ultimate beauty tool in every format and shade available. Curated for those who love jade rolling + want the perfect roller for each occasion within reach, whether your goal is to contour + relieve tension with our SPA, or roll over serums to boost their effectiveness with our PRO.

The Jade Collection

JRB Collection

A complete collection to elevate skincare like never before (includes 8 rollers). Bridging the entire Chakral spectrum, our harmonizing, Qi-boosting rollers represent some of the finest ancient tools for an energetic wellness ritual to stimulate a new, life-force radiant complexion in just a few rolls!

The JRB Collection


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