5 Ways to Relax + Self-Care with your Jade Roller

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Everyone is talking about energy shifting in the world lately with the Great American Eclipse thats happening here on the 21st of August.

This inspired me to make a post about 5 new ways you can use your roller! 

Photo by Valerie Williams Photography 

Photo by Valerie Williams Photography 


1. Healing stretch marks. Everyone's got em, probably even Gigi.

Can we stop acting like stretch marks are only a weight gain thing?! I remember I was 13 when I got my first stretch mark. Welcome to womanhood! My joy for my favorite sport of swimming would be replaced with insecurity as my thighs got bigger with each passing year. It wasn't until years later that I found Bio Oil. It has an ingredient called Pure-Cellin Oil, which has made a huge difference in pigmentation of the scarring. I have come to collect many more stretch marks through my weight-loss journey and have become proud of them overtime. I wish at times that I could go back and tell 13 year old me that I would still be able to feel confident in a bikini in the future. Jade roll over top of your bio oil to get it to penetrate more deeply!

2. Use after a wax to heal fatigued skin. 

We have sold jade rollers to waxing specialists who say that the cooling aspect of the jade stone really helps to calm the client's skin afterwards. We couldn't agree more! Remind us to throw our jade roller in our purse when we go to our next waxing appointment!

3. Help ease the pain of a strained wrist. 

A client told me the other day that they helped an older lady with her carpal tunnel following a manicure with her jade roller. I could also see tennis players using the jade roller for benefit here, increasing circulation to whichever area is rolled. 

4. Natural headache relief. (We told you to go easy on the margs.)

Don't ever ask me to hand over my jade roller the morning after a night in uptown Charlotte: the tension headache relief is instant when rolling the large side of the SPA roller on your temples. It feels like a deep tissue massage. 

5. Ease workplace tension. Over 80% of after-tax profits go towards covering employee healthcare costs. (wellnessfinder365 trends report)

Melt tension from clenching your jaw by rolling the small side of the roller along the jaw line. You can feel the knots breaking up. Roll away your headache or get through a mental block. Better than a fidget spinner, and you're bettering your health.  


Leila Belle

Insta, Twitter, Snapchat: @leilaabelle 

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