Elevating Esthetics : The Jade Roller Beauty® Mission

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If you’ve heard of a “jade roller” it might be because JRB popularized their usage 2-3 years ago, spearheading their retail proliferation in modern spa culture, + pioneered via e-commerce Target’s elite online beauty store, DermStore.com.

As the first jade roller company in the United States, their Esthetician founder, Leila Carter, saw an opportunity when she couldn’t find a quality product on the market.

LC: I actually first found the rollers because of my own desperation. I had a lesion (overgrowth of cells, like a skin colored mole) that popped up after I came off of the Retinol product I was on in high school.

My dermatologist wanted to prescribe me a pill to get rid of it, with the side effect of “edema (swelling) of fluid around the brain”... knowing that edema was a form of inflammation, which only happens when lymph is stagnated, something wasn't adding up. Also, I was definitely NOT filling that Rx as I have an identical twin sister with a brain tumor.

When I went home to do research, I discovered that lesions are actually caused by lymph stagnation. The accumulation of toxins beneath the surface of the skin causes an inflammatory response, which leads to all sorts of signs of aging, including wrinkles, lesions, + hyper-pigmentation.

Modern medicine was failing me. I looked into ancient method of lymphatic stimulation + discovered jade rollers as my last stitch effort.

I was able to clear my lesion, but disappointed with the quality of the products on the market, so I had to go overseas for the best prototype.

Meanwhile, I knew I wanted to be in spa management ever since I was 17, + I was finding the Jade Roller as I was graduating business school. I decided to release the 9-5 burden + start my company, bringing the tool to the public after believing in it so much after being able to clear my own skin

I actually put myself through esthetics school as I was starting my business. I would wake up at 7am for school, + then pack orders in the warehouse from 1-8pm every day. And like that, with consistency, it took off. I looked for opportunities to expand when I realized that “jade” also stood for “beautiful stone”, so I looked into rollers of all types, checking out books at the library, doing in-depth research on the skin + wellness benefits of each gemstone.

We soon launched a sensitive skin soothing Rose Quartz + collagen stimulating Amethyst roller, + when those took off, I began studying under a Naturopath, TCM Pracititoner, + Ayurvedic doctor from India about the energetic body. It was my goal to learn as much as possible about the wellness potential for these tools.

I realized we could have a roller to address every Chakra + truly elevate esthetics.

It would allow my clients to address wellness + skin concerns in an authentically wholistic approach. I later released a Yellow Aventurine Quartz + Tiger’s Eye, both energetically grounding rollers. The Tigers Eye helped me with my personal journey to overcome hormonal breakouts, whereas the Yellow Aventurine was a lymph flow expert, because it resonates with the immunity hub- the solar plexus.

The recent release of the Lapis Lazuli Roller is really special, because it bridges the heart chakra (where jade + Rose quartz resonate) with the third eye + crown, which is Amethyst territory.

With the addition of this blue throat chakra roller, we would be able to elevate every energy center along the spinal column.

The reason why this is so special? The key is that when the body is energetically aligned, we are in our best state to allow for self healing. Also, now spa owners + Estheticians everywhere were getting to know their clients more thoroughly, understanding that if there’s a rash on the skin vs. a pustule, they should be reaching for a different gemstone roller.

It is a new territory in skincare that I am pleased to offer consultation on. In fact, some of the top spas, universities, + wellness practitioners all over the world have sought out my virtual consultation to learn more about how these tools work, through lymphatic drainage support + energetic support.

Following my trip to China + Hong Kong a couple months ago, I was able to confirm 100% our rollers are made without dyes, acrylics, injected plastics, glass, child labor, + are ethically sourced. We also put into place an entirely new quality control program, + all of our rollers are packaged here in the USA.

It is such an amazing space that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to be a trailblazer in. It is an honor to share my knowledge with students who are truly tuned into detox + anti inflammatory skincare.

Upon the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of my twin sister showing no growth in her brain tumor, I am humbled to share this article, to give you all a more clear picture of why I’m here, why I do what I do, + why it is so special to me.

We are now with some of the most respected world-wide brands in beauty, including in Sephora Asia online.

There is nothing more important than family + our health + our mission to detox the world. To be able to bring the lessons in my life full-circle to help people is something I will never take for granted. Thanks for being here with me.

Leila Belle Carter


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