How to Care for your Jade Roller

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So you love your facial roller + you want to know how to best care for your jade baby? So you can use it for years to come, there are a few key tips to caring for + maintaining your rollers…

Each roller comes hand packaged in a satin bedding with a satchel + an anti-microbial cleaning cloth. Both of these items are included to help you take proper care of your roller. The cloth is perfect for quick or on-the-go cleaning.

The satchel is a convenient way to keep your roller on you as you travel; a dust bag of sorts . We recommend keeping your roller inside the magnetic closure box so the gift box packaging can keep it safe when not in use.


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Roller Care 101:

Remember these facial rollers are ancient wellness tools. They are authentic, semi-precious stones that are fragile. The tools are to be treated with great care.

Always make sure your roller is clean before use. Some of you may keep your roller on your bathroom counter or bedside table which is great for quick use, just make sure that it is clean right before use as dust or other germs may be on your roller. Ideally, keeping your roller in the satchel it comes in on a counter will help to protect against dust + other environmental factors.

Cleaning your Roller:

Maintaining a clean roller is important to your skin’s health. As you are rolling to improve the health of your skin, we want to make sure that you are using a clean roller for your best experience. Wiping down your roller with the included anti-microbial cleaning cloth is the best way to quickly clean between uses. Jade is a non-porous stone + therefore does not harbor bacteria.

We recommend using one of these methods to cleanse your roller:

  • Soap + hot water

  • Essential oils with an antimicrobial affinity such as tea tree

  • Vodka

  • Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

  • Barbicide Wipes

  • Energetically, by placing on a clear quartz charging pad

  • Energetically, by cleansing with rose water or Palo Santo* wood.

  • Energetically, by placing outside during a full moon.

  • Colloidal silver spray like Hylunia’s Lavender Hydrosol

We recommend cleaning right after each use. Even if you are using on clean skin, there are oils + contaminants on your skin that may have been transferred to the roller.

*Ensure that you are sourcing responsibly

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If you have a SPA or PRO model, you can carefully remove the larger stone by supporting the frame, then removing the stone.

  • If your roller is squeaking, we recommend using your favorite facial oil + drop it into where the stone meets the metal. Depending on the humidity level of the environment that it is in, sometimes it gets dry + needs to be re-oiled. 

(We have a highlight on our Instagram that has all of this information in video format.)

Why choose Jade Roller Beauty rollers?

  1. Founded on principles of ethical sourcing, strict quality control, + specialized education from our Esthetician staff, we are more than just your average jade roller company.

  2. Our team is entirely run by millennial women + our level of customer support is unparalleled, as we consult spas on incorporating them into service offerings.

  3. All of our rollers are quality checked in our Charlotte Warehouse where they are then hand packaged to be shipped out to you!

  4. You will never find any acrylic, glass, fillers, or dyes in our natural gemstones, which are all screened by gemologists.

  5. We were the first company to bring jade + gemstone rolling to western spa culture. You could call us the OG Roller Beauty company!

  6. We have expanded to sourcing our rollers from 5 countries to bring you only the highest quality gems for your wellness benefit.

  7. Constantly improving, we strive to perfect ancient technologies based on ancient knowledge. That’s why we clinically study these tools with TCM doctors and Ayurvedic Doctors from India. Our research efforts span Amethyst’s therapeutic effects on children with Autism, Rollers for Lymphatic Drainage following Plastic Surgery, to studying crystal intelligence with IBM researchers, and meditation capabilities under Gurus.

We hope this article could give you more insight on how to best take care of your precious self care gift!

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