Interview with Spa It Girl Yvette Le Blowitz

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Yvette Le Blowitz sits down to talk skin care and spa lifestyle with Leila Belle Carter of Jade Roller Beauty for their premiere June Newsletter.

Yvette Le Blowitz sits down to talk skin care and spa lifestyle with Leila Belle Carter of Jade Roller Beauty for their premiere June Newsletter.


1. How did you embrace the spa lifestyle? 

I fell in love with visiting Day Spa’s and the way they made me feel. Receiving Spa Therapy was the most ‘feel good’ thing I had ever experienced in the whole wide world. It made me feel so good inside that I knew from that moment on, I wanted to share this feeling and discovering with others, so they could feel good within too.

That’s when I decided, all I ever wanted to do was write and review Luxury Day Spa’s and Spa Treatments.

Starting my very first blog as a little random act of kindness, I knew if I wrote from my heart and soul, with the purpose of serving others, that the universe would always have my back. I never focused on being in the Spa Industry for the money, I focused on my love for it.

Fast-Forward 8 years, and having devoted my life to writing about Luxury Spa’s, Spa Treatments and Spa Destinations globally, I am now the world’s leading Spa Blogger, Reviewer and Writer as well as the IT GIRL of the Spa Industry.

I now inspire other girls to become their own ‘Spa it Girl’, to feel good by visiting a day spa and receiving Spa Therapy.  I love working with other Spa Bloggers, Writers, Reviewers Globally and I love helping other Spa Therapist, Spa Owners, Spa Brands through the Global Spa it Girl Community I have created to contact and celebrate how amazing coming together truly is, I truly believe when we love and support one another as a Global Spa Community we all can grow, their is an abundance for all and we all deserve to be happy, feel good and live our dreams.  As a Global Spa it Girl Community we have so much to be proud of every Spa Therapist, Spa Owner, Spa Healer, Spa Brand is working towards the same goal to make others feel good within, to feel relaxed, calm, renewed, less stress, like they can do this, they can get through anything and I think by coming together we can make a much greater difference in the world side by side.

When I first started out spa blogging, I noticed that Spa’s were mainly just talked about in different magazines - but none of the magazines ever came together.  One of my long term goals was to be able to bring all Spa it Girl’s - Spa Lovers, and Spa’s together in a positive, feel good empowering way so that we could all share the Love for how great visiting a Spa is, and how it makes you feel so good within.  

I personally feel like now if you look at the Spa it Girl hashtag’s now used on instagram of #iamaspaitgirl and #spaitgirl that finally we are all coming together, globally rocking it in our bath robes, sharing our Spa experiences, services or products, and destinations all in the name of helping others to feel good within - I think leaving this kind of imprint and taking the Spa Industry to the next Connected Global Community level has been one of my proudest moments and I can’t wait to continue to see it grow and grow.


If you are a Spa Lover, Day Spa Owner or Brand or have anything to do with Spa, Lifestyle, Wellness, Positive Feel good things then I totally encourage you and invite you to use the Spa it Girl Global Community Hashtag #iamaspaitgirl #spaitgirl as I think the Spa Global Community Deserves! To really be at the Forefront in Social Media and Mainstream Media so thanks for Joining Me in this Spa it Girl Celebration. 


2. Favorite tips when going to the spa?


Surrender, be open to letting go of everything leave it at the front door, when you take your first step in to the Spa that is your Sanctuary your escape it’s a place that allows you to fully surrender and be present.

Become present, become aware of your surroundings, use all of your senses, nurture yourself by leaving your mobile phone in the locker, totally switch off from the outside world and then enjoy the whole spa self love rituals of getting into a comfy spa bath robe, putting your slippers on, and putting your feet up whilst relaxing drinking a beautiful cup of tea - which every beautiful spa has.

If the Spa has water spa facilities always go in a little bit earlier and use them, go with the flow and let the tension, stress and any worries leave you be in the moment and surrender to the healing hands of your Spa Therapist, listen to the beautiful music and simply let go, surrender to what no longer serves you and be grateful for the beautiful spa therapy and all of the healing, health and wellness benefits that come with it.  

When you finish and it’s time to say goodbye always be grateful and express your sincere gratitude for the healing work your Spa Therapist has done for you.  Spa Therapy is such a gift so treasure It. 

Yvette commits to using natural and organic products on her skin- do you?

Yvette commits to using natural and organic products on her skin- do you?


3.  Most unforgettable spa treatment? That’s a hard questions as I have had so many but actually a couple that come to mind are all from Australia at :

Niramaya Spa & Beauty at Niramaya Villas & Spa

I had their ‘The Journey of Niramaya Bliss’ and it truly was 2.5 hours of total Bliss. The Spa Therapist was incredible, she made me so relaxed. I actually drifted off to sleep. I also had one a 24 Carat Gold Facial and my skin felt amazing. After that, after I left their Spa, I felt like a whole new person again, so relaxed, calm, re-energised. I was like a whole new person.

The Healing Waters Spa at Silky Oaks Lodge

It’s like no other luxury Australian Spa experience. I got to immerse myself in their Healing Waters Spa Ritual and when I was doing so, all I could hear was the running of the Mossman River. You are just looking out to the beautiful rainforest, whilst immersed in their warm bath before it’s time to move to the spa treatment table.

Dreamtime at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat:

They have 33 Spa Treatment Rooms Spa Sanctuary and when you walk out to your outside treatment room it’s on an elevated outdoor walking wooden deck path, you are immersed amongst Mother Nature. The native spa garden and surrounding trees were truly amazing, I found it to be one of Australia’s most spiritual Spa environments that I have ever been too.  They offer so many Spa Treatments it was unbelievable.


4. Any at home skin care tips for our readers?


I always make sure that I do my basic routine of a Cleanse, Exfoliate, pop on an eye cream, serum and a moisturizer I only choose to use natural, chemical-free Products in an effort to help reduce the toxins and chemicals that would ordinarily go on my skin if I choose otherwise.  

On my Spa it Girl Blog Site Globally we take part Every Sunday in Spait Girl Self Love Sunday it is were we fully surrender, let go and take care of our self by making the time to pop on a weekly masque. It is so therapeutic and a great way to work on improving your skin in between your Spa Treatments.  

My skincare routine also includes drinking lots of water, yoga, meditation and eating healthy fresh plant based foods that aren’t processed like fresh raspberries, avocado, nuts, healthy fats also.  Sleep is another big part of my skincare routine! I always aim to get my beauty sleep. 


5. Why is on-the-go beauty important?

My on-the-go beauty products for my skin would have to be water (once again)- I never leave home without it, and my Lanolins 101 Ointment Multipurpose Balm- it’s Australian Made but really great for your lips, I always tend to carry also a natural lippie with me so I could add a touch of colour. Not to mention I never leave home without putting on some Natural Skincare Sun protection I am loving using Sunbum which is Australian Made.


6. How are Holistic spas making their mark in the industry in unique ways?

More and more Spa’s are adding in elements of spiritual wellness and it can be from simply things like using a Jade Stone to place on them to calm and ground their clients during their treatments, along with using a Jade Roller during facials so their Serums better absorb naturally into their clients facial skin and feels so amazing when done.  

Some Spa’s are adding an element of spiritual practices into their already established Spa treatments to add a deeper sense of connecting to one self and it can be anything from a traditional ancient ritual, chanting a song at the start, Using singing bowls, bringing Spiritual Healers, along with Energy Healers.  

Some Spa’s are expanding and even adding onto their businesses a Yoga Studio, Meditation, plus all of the Alternative Therapies along with their a Spa, so the can create a one-stop-shop for the spa wellness seeker who is wanting to work their body, mind and spirit in more than one way. 

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