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Above: Laurel Skin Antioxidant Serum

Above: Laurel Skin Antioxidant Serum

Laurel is on a mission to bring consciousness back into skin care. This company was created "out of a love for the Earth, a love for our skin and bodies, and a love for the science within the plants, flowers, and herbs all around us." The integrity and purity of her ingredients set her formulations apart, and her serums are made of 100% organic and raw moisturizers.

Her plants take seasons to grow and flourish, then they spend months macerating in the lab where they are expertly blended to address your skin concerns. Every. Single. Plant. used in the Laurel line is 100% certified organic or bio-dynamic. 

Now THAT's whole plant skin care. 

It smells like a powerful tincture. The liquid is a rich, golden, dandelion orange. The serum did not feel heavy, but left me with a dewy glow. I jade-rolled after to help increase circulation to my skin, and by effectively "trapping" the ingredients closer to the skin it will help absorption.

I feel like I am doing something really great for my complexion, and knowing that I have so much plant power behind one product is really amazing. This specific serum has Calendula, Rosehip, and Frankincense! 

A big "Thank you!" to Laurel for all she does to promote health for the masses, putting her passion to work to bring whole-plant products to market is something that astounds and inspires us here at JRB.

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