Meet Lauren Alexa, the PR mastermind + Illustrator behind @topshelfieillustrated

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Real Talk with Lauren Johnstone, founder of, Beauty Blogger + PR, Illustrator. @topshelfieillustrated on instagram

She goes by Lauren Alexa; and she illustrates some of the best brands in the beauty industry, reflecting the quality of these products in her modern, chic vibe! In our efforts to showcase a visionary #girlboss in the beauty industry, we knew she would fit the ticket. 

JRB: What inspired you to start your business? 

Lauren: I graduated university with a degree in PR, but having such creativity in me, I was feeling a bit stunted in every PR position I was in. In April 2017, I took the decision to go freelance with no prospective clients available. It was an insanely ballsy decision, but I have such a supportive boyfriend and family behind me which made the transition slightly easier.

I’ve been blogging for 6 years but never saw it as a career, I have now found my niche with Top Shelfie Illustrated, and can’t wait to see the doors it will open. 

Killing it on instagram. So many of her followers are Jade babies. Makes our heart go :)

Killing it on instagram. So many of her followers are Jade babies. Makes our heart go :)

JRB: What separates or defines you as a blogger? 

Lauren: Like I said previously, I feel like I really have a niche. I know that myself and many other bloggers may call ourselves beauty bloggers, but also straddle the lines of fashion and lifestyle. However, with this new account being solely dedicated to beauty, I am seeing so much more engagement from my followers, who I know are all truly following me to see what I publish. 

JRB: What methods do you have to balance your self, love life, friends, work? 

Lauren: I don’t think I’ve really that covered yet haha. I do try to keep to the working hours of 9-6 Monday to Friday, however since I have so many international clients, there can be days where I’m responding to emails at 1am, or finishing deadlines at 3am. It’s quite hard to separate these entities when you’re freelancing/working at home, and I do struggle to have some downtime. However, I find that removing yourself from you work environment and going for a walk with my boyfriend or going out dinner is the easiest way to relax and find some balance. 

JRB: Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Lauren: As cliché as it sounds, my mum is probably my biggest inspiration. I’ve seen her work 24/7 to get to where she is today, juggling 3 jobs at times when we were younger and I’m astonished how she still has the same work ethic many years later. Growing up, you don’t realize how hard it is to actually be an adult and now I’m independent and trying to survive, I’d be lucky if I’m even half the woman my mum is.

JRB: What moment are you proudest of yourself for in your life? 

Lauren: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I think has to be graduating. I really struggled throughout university, and have spoken openly on my blog about my mental health problems and things I’ve had to overcome, so actually making it through the four years and coming out with a degree I’m proud of is probably the highlight of my life up to now.

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