Meet Leila Carter: Owner of 'Ancient Skin Care Tech Company' Jade Roller Beauty in an Interview for Top Global Spa Blogger, Spa It Girl

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Photos taken at The Ballantyne Hotel & Spa in collaboration with Tim Roller Photography


If you had to write some of your own quotes about Jade Roller Beauty what would they be?

“Jade is the skin care and wellness tool we have all been waiting for. An on-the-go convenient facial work out, luxurious stone, and each jade roller are as unique as the person who experiences it.”

“It’s about the nail technician who tells me she helped relieve someone of carpal tunnel symptoms during her manicure. It’s about the Esthetician who creates an entire experience around our rollers because she sees the results.

It’s about the cancer survivor who is using it on her scalp to boost circulation and help to re-grow her hair. It’s about giving a stay-at-home mom her confidence back because her jowls disappeared with daily usage. It’s about helping everyone remove toxins in a natural way and align their system for healing.”

“A huge shift in spa culture and health care is taking place. I believe there is no better time than now to take conscious responsibility for the way we practice self-care. In a time where over 80% of after-tax profits are going towards covering employee healthcare costs (wellnessfinder365 trends report), we can no longer take a passive role in addressing our whole system’s health. “

“Taking a few minutes to jade roll and practice self care each day is so important. I feel like I’m counteracting all of the jaw clenching, scowling and stressing, and holding in negativity, which most people have become accustomed to. Most people don’t realize what relaxation they are missing until they experience jade rolling for the first time. Often clients tell me ‘I can’t believe how much tension I was holding and how relaxed I feel!’”

“I am determined to be the person to bring JADE into the spotlight like never before. For the purpose of holistic health and sharing what I believe in. It’s about more than promoting natural solutions in skin care, it’s about self love and a movement toward bettering health overall.”

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