The Self Care Kit Everyone's Talking About...

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The Self Care Kit Everyone's Talking About...

Called the “Self Care Kit of your Dreams” by Self Magazine, Dermstore’s uniquely curated selection of products amplify your wellness routine like never before, combining iconic brands to nurture you with more than just beauty sleep...

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The Kit Features:

Slip Silk Eye Mask – reduce tugging on the eye skin while you sleep, this eye mask is seriously the softest thing you will ever touch. (like, chinchilla soft)

Nite Nite by The Good Patch – melatonin meets hemp in this transdermal patch to assist your sleep schedule wholistically.

Sunday Riley’s Juno Antioxidant Facial Oil - ultra-nutritious for your skin’s benefit, with pure extracts rather than essential oils.

Rose Quartz by Jade Roller Beauty – first coveted for skincare by Cleopatra herself, rose quartz stimulates collagen production, justifying your investment in your nightly skincare routine by making every serum or masque you roll over work even better by aiding penetration of products. By increasing circulation, we allow the body to best utilize the nutrients of the facial oil.

Playfully named the PamperTime, Obviously box, raved about our mutual shift toward “Indulgent Self-Care”, featuring the kit in their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Indulgent Self Care

Jade Roller Beauty is so excited to join these brands in supporting people in their wellcare initiatives. The fact is that in this modern society there are pressures to do *so much* all the time. Let's call it like we see it: we're all trying to reach our own #Instagramgoals while struggling to prioritize much needed me time.  

Rose Quartz Regenerates the Skin – The Sensitive Skin Soothing Stone of Self-Love.

Originating in Uruguay and sustainably harvested, this crystal structure forms via the rising of magma as it pushes towards the Earth’s crust. The light pink stone supports a glow from within as a Heart Chakra focused gem encourages a sense of both peace and joy. It is supportive for both romantic and platonic love, and attracts positivity in relationships. It can also emotionally relieve heartache, and is to be cleansed more often in these cases in between uses.  

This roller and kit offers an opportunity to open up time and a kind space for self appreciation. We know you do so much every day for others. We hear you, we see you in all your selflessness, and that’s why we have this kit for you.

Our mission shifts people towards a mindset of nurturing themselves again, aligning with their truest potential by stepping into their own power.

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