What is the difference between the SPA and PRO?

The SPA ROLLER has a larger stone and a more targeted/ heavier pressure can be applied. The shape of the stone has a lot to do with the kind of relief it can offer and what modalities it is useful for. Because you can get more leverage/ pressure with this one, it can effectively work into the muscles. You feel as if you are getting a deep tissue facial workout. Like someone is massaging out all the deeply seated tension, said to relieve jaw pain and headache pressure too. 

The PRO has an elongated, rolling pin shape and is designed for the Esthetician to detox their client through lymphatic drainage by applying serums with a light rolling pressure. The longer piece has more surface area, so it will glide over the slick surface, and distributes the pressure of the roll, making it better for reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

I also like this one for the treatment room because the weight is not as direct when picking it up and placing it down on the client's face, making it a more relaxing rolling experience overall. With the SPA ROLLER, I don't pick up the ROLLER at all, I roll back with no pressure to return to the start position. 

An analogy: If the SPA is deep tissue, the PRO is Swedish massage*. Note: this is simply an analogy*, the rollers are used for applying product in a professional setting. 

How do I maintain my jade roller?

Most practitioners use vodka, lemon juice, alcohol, soap and water. At home, Jade is cleaned with a soft, damp, vegan cloth and dried with an absorbent towel.

Make sure the Jade is completely dry before putting it away. Do not expose the jade to harsh chemicals. Avoid corrosion. Natural disinfectants are encouraged in spa usage.  If roller squeaks, drop a non-comedogenic oil where the jade meets the metal. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. Each order is custom-calculated by location at check-out. Large orders internationally will be shipped free in most cases over $250, please use our wholesale inquiry form. Email for questions or if specific quote sought. 

Can you help us with a wholesale order?

Absolutely. We have orders from spas in Sweden and individuals in Texas. We ship worldwide and handle special requests at: jaderollerbeauty@gmail.com.

Fluent French, Spanish, and Russian translation available via email.  

Can I heaT up/cooL down MY ROLLER?

Yes. If you cool down the stone by placing your roller in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes, rolling over the under-eye circles in the morning will help prevent darkness and puffiness because the rolling action encourages blood flood flow while the cold is constricting.

Heat it up under warm water, dry with a cloth, and roll over top of any facial serum to infuse that serum more deeply into the dermis. 

When charging the Amethyst stone in sunlight, you can greater amplify the Far Infared Rays in the skin to stimulate collagen production. 

Do you use a different pressure with each roller?

Pressure changes with the skincare goal. I do use slightly more pressure with the spa, yes, because I use the spa with the intention of toning and tension relief via product application for healthy aging. If lymph drainage is the goal, ease up and roll with lighter pressure.

Construction question? 

 The JADE beauty roller is our base model, on-the-go. A different frame than the sturdier PRO, with the same color of JADE. (Yellow tones of JADE are said to be great for anxiety relief) The sturdier frame is also featured on the SPA model to provide more leverage. 

The SPA and the PRO feature Chinese Characters "This is JADE, JADE from China.", appropriate as they are originally a Traditional Chinese Medicine tool. 

Is this a product I should sell in my spa?

"Absolutely. One of the best things about selling this product is when people can see it, touch it, and we can empower the guest to use the roller on themselves to actually experience the immediate results from even a thirty-second rolling session. Results are compounding and collagen production is stimulated in the skin, toxins are drained away, and cheekbones are effectively contoured." LBC

 After clients experience it just one time, they will be eager to take one of their own home- and they will cherish it! What better way to support a client than equipping them with the ability to better maintain results in-between visits? 

Do you consult on the use of the roller? 

Contact Leila for consulting as to how to aid the client in their journey to their best complexion, as well as how to best describe the roller to clients based on their skincare and wholistic beauty goals. Elevate your knowledge on jade rolling to a new level and speak to the CEO directly. 

Official trainings developed for in-person class training after Leila has her license. 

Please contact us to be on a waitlist for a video call gemstone beauty consultation or on-location visit. Now taking bookings for June 15th- on. 

Why Should I buy your Jade rollers?

"For your own benefit. I started a wellness business to bring people a product I believe in. I want you too, also. I am confident you will see a benefit if you try it, and encourage you to use it daily as an addition to your skincare routine after applying a hydrating serum to clean skin. Rolling after a serum will repair what could not otherwise be fixed sans consistent lymphatic drainage Effects are compounding and phenomenal- so start your journey to glowing, youthful looking skin! " LBC

To our business clients- your organic spa can be a first mover on a big time trend in wellness. As more people become aware of the healing properties of jade and the benefit of this amazing skincare tool, your clients will see their healthiest complexion! 

Who is selling this?  

We are founded by Leila Belle Carter, who has been in the spa industry managing and directing since she was 17 at top Organic spas on the East Coast, USA. She is passionate about skincare and sought her Esthetician's license immediately after her decision to found JADE + after completion of her BSBA in Charlotte, NC. - At the cleanest school on the East coast 3-years running (100%), Gaston College - She completes her 600-hour program in May, 2018. Every order is compiled in the USA, meticulously crafted with care and oversight, from someone who cares, with a 100% satisfaction for the client. 

JADE ROLLER BEAUTY is the first company of it's kind, est.2017 in Charlotte, NC, founded to bring the best gemstone beauty rollers to your hands. We believe JRB is the ultimate self care tool and that it has the power to elevate Esthetics practices into total-body healing sanctuaries.