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“Dearest JRB, I cannot begin to express how effective, beautiful, and powerful your rollers are. I have been searching for years for a roller that I could recommend to my clients. I finally found a company that has good intentions and it shows in their products. Your rollers have amazing Qi and the weight tells me that the stones are unaltered and that their crystal structures are intact. As a practicing L. Ac who has been giving facial acupuncture treatments for over ten years, I can finally recommend a product to my clients and I love the way they feel in my hands. Treatments are much more effective when you have tools that you believe in.”

- Elaine Ng Huntzinger L. Ac - Paris, France

I started using the roller 3 weeks ago, I feel my skin is tighter and more even, not only my face but my neck too! Honestly I pushed my self to devote at least 10 min for this routine, so now besides getting a nicer skin, I learned to find some time for myself in this hectic life! "

- Denice Sanchez, French Beauty Influencer

"I thought they were so gorgeous! These (jade rollers) are several levels above in quality of most of the jade rollers I've seen out there. Super top quality, both in the quality of the stone and the construction of the roller itself. I can tell that these actually make a difference. 

I used them on 1 client today at the end of a jade gua sha facial, and her skin was just glowing so beautifully. Awesome results. I should add that I've rarely used Jade Rollers in my treatments, as I've just never liked how they worked (rust). But these were a dream to work with!" 

- Angela Peck, Esthetician | Wholistic Skin and Care | Capitola, CA

"Jade rolling has completely changed my skin care game. I look so forward to rolling out facial tension after a long day. My skin is very hypersensitive and is often red and inflamed. I'm obsessed with sticking my Jade roller in the freezer for a few minutes before using so it has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

My favorite is using it on a client after a hot and spicy facial treatment. They love the cooling and firming sensation after heating the skin with exfoliation and extractions. Jade Roller Beauty rollers are high quality and just plain gorgeous. I can't wait to keep spreading the word about this essential skin care routine accessory. "

- Andrea Sellner, Esthetician | Organic Escape Skin Studio | Carlsbad, CA

"You will find the quality of the roller is very well done and the craftsmanship of the gorgeous gemstone is just exquisite.

I have used this beautifully crafted and innovative product religiously for about two weeks and on a personal level can already tell you:

  1. It has quickly alleviated migraines that I am prone to.
  2. It has alleviated pain in my jaw due to a past injury.
  3. It has assisted in soothing my tear ducts/glands due to a past injury and surgery.
  4. It has diminished dark circles and any puffiness under my eyes.
  5. It has given my skin a smooth, healthy glow.
  6. It has promoted healthy circulation and lymph node drainage in my neck area.
  7. It has left my face feeling refreshed after every use.

Not only am I a huge fan of this product but have discovered that the founder of this company, Leila Carter, is an absolute gem herself!"

- Andrea Sellner, Esthetician | Organic Escape Skin Studio | Carlsbad, CA