The Founder

Jade Roller Beauty Founder Leila

What makes JRB different from other jade roller companies?

We were the FIRST company in the USA founded specifically for gemstone beauty rollers. 

We are Esthetician Owned, so we can best share about how it enhances skin's vitality.  

We support American workers, have a warehouse here, + oversee our quality standards ourselves, so you get the best experience possible. 

We inspect, roll, oil, + try to literally pull apart + deconstruct each roller before it goes out, so we know when we send it that it had every opportunity to be the perfect roller at your doorstep. No more Amazon roller woes. (And an awesome support team should you ever fret.)

We know it is critical that you are using this tool properly, so our educational materials were created with the help of experts. Considering dermal, auric, metaphysical, lymphatic + circulatory health, we have had the help of Estheticians, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Licensed Massage Therapists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Chiropractors, Energy workers, + Gemstone specialists in procuring our JRB Gemstone Facial Therapy trainings. 

Ethical Sourcing. No child labor, ever. The Chi boosting + harmonizing abilities of our gemstones are uninhibited by a negative past, only positive energy to you. 

We cleanse our gemstones + handle them with infection control procedures


Our Founder

My name is Leila Carter. My friends call me "Lei", (pronounced lie), + in business I go by Leila Belle (My actual born name, which also means "late-night (or dark haired) beauty" + is inspiring my beauty bar concept.). I am an entrepreneur born + raised in Pittsburgh, PA + I now reside in Charlotte, NC, originally coming here to obtain by BSBA before I completed my Esthetician's License

I have had the privilege of working at some of the best organic spas on the East Coast. At 17, I had my first job in the spa industry managing day-to-day operations at a 4-story, 7-room day spa (massages + facials + counseling) at Evolve Wellness Spa. After falling in love with skin care + spa management, I began to study everything from organics, to medical + legal aspects of the industry. I wanted to find my niche. I realized I belonged in organics when I worked as the Community Outreach Director for a upscale day spa in South Park, Charlotte, NC.

It was here where my personal values aligned in solving my skincare concerns. I was able remove a forehead lesion which would not disappear for 5 months by jade rolling + using the products recommended by Janise Slyman, an Esthetician at the spa. Specifically, it was a topical application of  Indie Lee Blemish stick combined throughout the day, + an intense nightly soak (overnight) with Eminence's Clear Skin Probiotic masque.

I decided not to fill a dermatologist-recommended Rx due to scary side-effects. Instead, I transitioned all of my beauty products to mostly natural lines with a limited ingredient list. Combining the natural approach to own skin care with jade rolling to remove toxins via lymphatic drainage, I healed the unsightly lesion.

Through in-depth studies of medical + organic spa trends and ancient beauty practices, I found the Jade Roller. I ordered one on Amazon that just broke on me after a week's time. Not cool- I knew Estheticians deserved better + I saw an opportunity. 

After seeing the benefits on my own skin, I decided to bring Jade Rollers to the day spa where I worked. 

This was Leila’s break-through: realizing that spa owners, holistic estheticians, beauty industry experts, + people who appreciate green beauty love this product as soon as they get to try it. It feels amazing to use it + it promotes wholistic health.

As I began to research more, I learned that It is both the stone itself + the action of rolling it on the skin which stimulates collagen production, flushes out toxins, shrinks the appearance of pores, boosts elastin, help to promote drainage of the lymphatic system, helping to aid the flow of energy between meridian points to balance chi, relieving jaw pain from clenching, headache tension, + contours cheekbones! (Learn more at our benefits tab)

Our Mission: To share widespread health via spa culture, as we share detoxifying wellness tools of ancient origins + support our clients with the highest quality gemstone rollers.

Our Vision: To lead a shift in proactive well care. To bring fun back to your beauty routine, + to show people that beauty is so much more than surface level. It is the ultimate reflection of health. Detox the world!  

I love talking to people about the benefits + history of jade. Being able to speak with clients about their journey in skincare, putting a face + a voice to a name + a skincare theory means so much to me.

I want to hear about how people are benefitting from this ancient technology. I want them to share their results + their health stories with me.

I will change the way your skin care routine is done by introducing gemstone rolling to your life. It's not just hype. This is my passion since for the past 5 years culminating. I believe in this tool + am determined to use it to normalize public acts of self care + enact a living spa + wellness culture. 

My first ever roller went to an Esthetician in California, Angela Peck. She is an awesome source of inspiration in the field of dark green Esthetics + I fueled my drive to start distributing wholesale to the most innovative organic spas + green-beauty conscious individuals and businesses all over the world to promote wellness in others. 

"It's time we start to self care + share our passion to love ourselves with the world. This is a movement towards acceptance of ancient skincare tools in western spa culture. Move over, Botox. We don't want or need you anymore. We want to detox + we are empowering ourselves with the tools to do so."

-Leila Belle

We are spearheading the modern natural shift in skin care with our Jade Rollers- are you ready to try?

Are you a spa owner or esthetician? I would love to speak to you about your skincare + wellness journey + incorporating our gemstone facial rollers into your practice!

I will be available to book for on-location educational seminars, trainings, classes, private education sessions. These will cover how to use dual/tandem jade rollers in facials, with specific attention to healthy aging with biodynamic skincare, flushing toxins via lymphatic drainage pathways, Yin + Yang as they relate to Esthetics.

Our goal is to meet your highest expectation in skin care education to find your clients the healthiest complexion based on independent research. 

Note: No medical claims are entailed in our teachings and we are not specialists in lymphatic drainage. We teach the use of jade rollers for detoxifying beauty purposes and applying product. 

Please send any inquiries to:, don't hesitate to ask more or schedule a phone call, we would love to arrange time to speak with you! 

Also interested in AYURVEDIC SKINCARE MODALITIES? Check out my latest brand identity project, KANSA ORGANICS: a parallel company aligned in ancient wellness initiatives.


Jade Roller Beauty Founder Leila