The JRB Collection
The JRB Collection
The JRB Collection
The JRB Collection
The JRB Collection


The JRB Collection

A complete collection to elevate skincare like never before (includes 8 rollers). Bridging the entire Chakral spectrum, our harmonizing, Qi-boosting rollers represent some of the finest ancient tools for an energetic wellness ritual to stimulate a new, life-force radiant complexion in just a few rolls!  
The JRB Collection includes one of each roller type, and a bonus SPA roller so you can have both the mint + olive shades! 
Collection Includes: 
In Chakral Spectrum order:
Amethyst by JRB | The Collagen + Acne Expert. Far In-fared Ray Amplifier from Brazil | Crown + Third Eye Chakras
Jade Roller SPA | (Olive + Mint shades) - De-stressing, Contouring Tension Reliever from China. | Heart Chakra
Jade Roller PRO | Skin calmer + Hyper-pigmentation Clarifying, promoter of Lymph Drainage from China. | Heart Chakra
JADE Beauty Roller | On-the go traditional Harmonizing Qi-booster, Inflammation reducer from China. | Heart Chakra
Rose Quartz by JRB | Sensitive Skin Soothing, Scar Repairing Self Love from Uruguay. | Heart Chakra
Yellow Aventurine by JRB | The Lymph-energizing + EMF-cleansing Master from India. | Solar Plexus + Sacral Chakras 
Tiger's Eye by JRB | The Energy Grounding, Hormonal Acne Balancer from South Africa. | Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras.
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